Robmeg Steel was established in February of 2002 as a steel service centre aimed at supplying steel related products to the manufacturing industry.

Shortly hereafter, it was apparent that our strengths lay within the manufacturing industry itself, and our company changed direction accordingly, soon becoming one of the market leaders in our industry

We are greatly fortunate in having a wealth of knowledge and skill within our staff compliment which has enabled us to manufacture quality leading products, efficiently and cost effectively.

Steel & Aluminium

Windows & Doors

What we offer

Windows, Doors, Sliding Doors, Garage Doors, Sectinoal Doors & More

Bellmore Doors

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Aluminium Range

Windows & Sliding Doors


Quality and service are of utmost importance within our organisation and we pride ourselves on ensuring that we always remain ahead of the game. We want all our staff to be proud of the products that they manufacture.

We are continuously evolving as a company and take great pride in our innovative, market leading ideas. Our doorframes are revolutionary in design as well as in their production process. Our custom designed stacking end caps for out garage doors have allowed for additional strength, protection and loading maximization when transporting these products. Based on our superior quality products, we made a bold decision to change the colour of our oxide from red to grey. This allowed the market to immediately distinguish a Robmeg product from the rest of the market.

We continuously strive to remain leaders in our industry.